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A Free Online Presentation On How to Become an

Australian Permanent Resident

Why Immigrate to Australia?

Due to its high quality of life, prosperous economy, and multicultural population, Australia is a popular destination for immigrants.

Listed below are just few of the many reasons why people choose to migrate to Australia:

  • Free or Subsidised Health Care

  • Free or Subsidised Education

  • Great climate

  • One of the World’s Most Liveable Cities

Australian Flags

Why study in Australia?


As a parent, we understand how tough it can be to make decisions about our children's education. We want children to have access to a world-class education in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. As they get closer to maturity, we want them to be challenged, learn independence, and prosper. We also want them to have the best opportunity of achieving success in their future employment.

While studying abroad is expensive, Australia is less expensive than most other destinations and provides a high standard of quality education, excellent living conditions, and a multicultural society. If you want to further your education, pursue a world class degree, or advance your career, Australia has a variety of options.

Many are choosing Australia as a study destination because of its high quality of education, post-study job opportunities, and high standard of living. Whatever course you choose, you will be assured of unrivalled academic
excellence and a support system for international students.

Aboriginal Hunter

Top reasons why you should study in Australia

1. Good quality of education – For a country of only 25 million people, Australia is known to have the world’s best research institutions. Many of Australia’s major universities offer top academic programs in the field of science,
such as chemistry, geology, biology, zoology and wildlife, mathematics, and engineering, making a study program in Australia an excellent addition to any student’s professional resume.

2. Live and study in peace – Cities in Australia have some of the world’s lowest crime rates, the streets and public
spaces are open and safe. There are numerous housing options available, including purpose-built student villages, home-stays, private rentals, shared-houses, and boarding school accommodation.

3. Australia is culturally diverse. Australia is home to people from different countries, making it one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries. The country is known for being safe, friendly, laid-back, and peaceful. International students are well-accepted by their classmates and professors.

4. Great outdoors - Australia is well-known for its varied terrain. The Outback is famous for its vast plains and unusual animals. If you enjoy the beach, you will be spoiled for choice with thousands of kilometres of pristine coastline to choose from.

A Free Online Presentation On How to Become an

Australian Permanent Resident


In this presentation we will cover:

Hazel Ritual, MBA

Jocelyn Ocampo
Registered Migration Agent

MARA No. 2014560

Licensed Immigration Adviser

Licence No. 201001078

Horizons iaa and Mara for Joy.jpg

Jocelyn, or Joy as she is more fondly called, is a New Zealand citizen based in Auckland.  Joy is also a Licensed Immigration Adviser for New Zealand.

She is the Director of Horizons Immigration CVE who has had almost two decades of successful experience in immigration. 

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