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What Horizons Immigration CVE can help you with?

Express Entry
Study visa
Work visa
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A Free Online Video on How to Become a Permanent Resident of Canada

Why immigrate to Canada?


Many people want to immigrate to Canada from their home countries due to several reasons.

  • FREE Education for your children

  • FREE Medical Care for you and your Family

  • Endless Career Opportunities for Skilled and Experienced Professionals

  • Multi-Cultural Country

  • Low Crime Rate

  • Great Outdoors


Canada is also renowned for their hospitality, diversity and peaceful way of life. These aspects make Canada a very desirable place to live.


A country with a high employment rate, first world amenities and a health system that caters to its citizens, Canada boasts of a lifestyle that is comparable to many first world countries.

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What is Express Entry?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) uses Express Entry to manage and process applications submitted
through three of Canada’s federal economic immigration programs for skilled workers.


Express Entry is a competitive
immigration system that ranks all eligible applicants and invites the top performers to apply for permanent residency in Canada.


Candidates are compared based on their age, education, language skills, work experience, and other factors. Since its launch in 2015, the system has seen an increase in the number of applications it processes each year. Individuals and families who want to settle in Canada can apply for Express Entry and become permanent residents.

Why study in Canada?

Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world, and it is currently ranked first in terms of quality of life. It has grown in popularity as a study destination for international students.

Top reasons why you should study in Canada:

1. Earn while studying – Other study destinations either do not allow international students to work at all, or only in specific fields or locations. Not in Canada. As a student in Canada, you can earn while you learn, allowing you to pay for university or college while gaining valuable work experience. This is one of the top reasons to study in Canada.

2. Better career opportunities – If you study in Canada, you will receive an internationally recognised education from some of the world’s top educators and academics. It could lead to a career and a future in Canada, or it could lead to
better job opportunities at home.

3. Lower tuition fees – Tuition fees at Canadian universities are a bit high but generally lower than those in countries like the United Kingdom or USA. University fees may vary yearly, and you might also notice differences depending on the city or degree program.

4. You can bring your family – You can bring your spouse or common-law partner on an open work permit, and your children, if you have them, can attend one of Canada’s public elementary or secondary schools without needing their own study permit.

5. Good quality of education – Canadian colleges and universities produce some of the most talented graduates in the world. These well-funded, internationally renowned institutions attract top professors and offer courses tailored to a changing economy.


Canada attracts talent from all over the world, and because it places a special emphasis on
multiculturalism. Incoming students feel at ease while studying at Canadian universities. It helps you develop your ideas and better interpret your own beliefs. Without a doubt, studying abroad is a difficult journey, but when you’re in such a unique environment, you have all the tools you need to make it the best experience of your life.


A Free Online Video on How to Become a Permanent Resident of Canada

Hazel Ritual, MBA


Melvin Almeria

Regulated Canadian
Immigration Consultant (RCIC)
RCIC #R515544
iccrc (1).png

Melvin, a successful Filipino immigrant to Canada, is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and a bonafide member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC former ICCRC).

He immigrated to Canada in 2006 and has since immersed himself and his family in Canadian society by becoming a positive contributor to his community in general, and Filipino people in particular. He is also a paralegal and is a member of the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) and the Ontario Paralegal Association (OPA). He is a Notary Public in the Province of Ontario, Canada, in addition to his practice.

In this online presentation we will cover:

Writing on Computer
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